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        About us

        Founded in 1996, Rugao Tiancheng Chemical Co.,Ltd. specializes in the manufacture of chemical reagents, pharmaceutical intermediates, spice and fine chemicals. Our plant is located in the beautiful and rich Changjiang Delta and at the center of the ancient town Linzi by Tongyang Canal. We are close to Changjiang to the south, to National Road 204 to the west, 40 kilometers from Nantong Port, over 10 kilometers from Rugao Airport, enjoying very convenient transportation facilities.
        We enjoy management standards for manufacturing and a powerful technical force. Moreover, we have complete testing facilities and have been certified to ISO9001:2000 quality systems. Our staff includes a batch of senior and semi-senior technical professionals with 2 senior engineers and 20-odd various technical professionals. |
        We mainly manufacture: the new products of capric aldehyde,phenylacetic aldehyde , phenylethyldimethyl acetal, aldehyde C12 lauric and other spice products; electronic chemical products; dozens of chemical reagents of tin salts, inorganic chemicals, organic chemicals etc.; 50% ammonium formate, anhydrous ammonium formate, potassium borohydride, sodium borohydride, aluminum isopropylate, trichloroacetylamine,diethyltoluamide, pharmaceutical intermediates etc. Our products have excellent quality and reasonable price, mainly sold to Neijing, Shanghai, Fuzhou, Anhui, Jiangxi etc., and exported to Europe, Southeast Asia etc., having been well favored by customers.
        We have enjoyed several honors, including "Credible Company" and "City-Level Advanced Enterprise". On the Principle of "Quality First, Credit Paramount", Mr. Shao Juncheng, our director, sincerely welcome our customers for visits,patronization, negotiation and cooperation. Let us jointly create a splendid tomorrow.

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